ESTIA-M Ltd is a new company in the Timber Frame Construction (TFC) industry, in the UK.

However, all of the company’s members and technicians have got a 30-year-old experience in the field to date. We specialize in timber structures of building construction.

Having established an exquisite quality and volume of work in Greece, my team and I have decided to move forward by taking a step into the UK market.

Having a vast knowledge of the economic and construction developments, we are drawn to the building development within the UK and hoping to become part of it, always keeping in mind our 30-year-old experience in the field.

We have built hotels, ski resorts, restaurants, cafés, camping resorts, private housing.

We have carried out public constructions for several counties and boroughs, as well as European funded public and private constructions.  We have also undertaken architectural designs for all of the above.  Therefore, we believe we are ready to move forward.

All our designs and construction have taken place and been completed under the laws and

rules of the science of craft and the laws embedded in timber construction, whether this involves massif log houses or timber frame constructions.

We have traded with the largest timber factories in Finland (Vernikos Lines Oy- World Timber), Poland, Romania, Italy and Germany.

With our vision becoming a reality, we feel the need to move forward based on our experience, our craft and above all our philosophy, which is our love for creating what is a centuries old human need, the need for a home.

“Estia”, in ancient Greek, was the goddess for the protection of the home, hence the family.